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The Album Tempered Steel


Songs of the mighty challenges and enthralling joys of love. A unique meeting of Bob Seeger-like rhythms and Paul Simon-esque melodies..

Samples of all the songs are here.

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Tempered Steel 

Liner Notes   © 2010 Larry Suess

Tempered Steel (Lyrics)

When I find a melody and words that seem so true I feel it “sings out from my heart,” I feel like tempered steel. The steely sound of hammer on anvil was created from my favorite garden shovel.
Lonnie Knight adds his tasty guitar licks on this song, and on half of the album songs.

Sweet Sweet Summertime  (Lyrics)

Here is a love song to the warm feelings, sounds, and smells of summers here and past.  Summer brings infatuations with life we want to recall and re-live.
      Sandra Julian adds her dulcet harmony vocals to this and many songs on the album.

Dancing on the Edge (Lyrics)

Inspired by a trip to Santa Fe where every thing seemed to go wrong, but ended up being a great eye-opening journey. Just one moment can turn everything around.

Power of Love (Lyrics)

This song is dedicated to the enduring love affair of my parents, who celebrate 67 married years together the week of this album’s release.

Shed My Skin (Lyrics)

Finding one’s own path is the focus of this song. It’s a process that often means giving up things we love to follow a dream that can ring more true.  By being true to ourselves, we are able to give more to others. Thus the line, “If I can be there for me, I’ll be right here for you.”

The Wheel (Lyrics)

Written in the Dominican Republic, where the Latin rhythms are everywhere, it’s about the pull for me of playing music with a “band of brothers” or solo. I love both and go back and forth between the creative camaraderie and the freedom of unfettered creation.


Stand was also written on the shores of the D. R., where I find a big place helps me to dream big.  Of course, then you have to follow up your dream with a lot of effort to “make your stand.”

Let the Girl Go (Lyrics)

Here’s a song for the needy guys that seem to think they are not okay unless they have a woman to manage. Rather than changing our mate, it’s an invitation to change our selves, guys.


Call of Love (Lyrics)

Call of Love is the challenge a relationship brings to “go beyond, go above,” and give more to get more. It is the call to be a warrior of love.

Steady As the Rain (Lyrics)

The song is dedicated to my late great friend and guitar player, Jeff Hill, who liked this song a lot. Jeff brought many people into the world of music and freely shared his gifts of musicality, humor, and friendship.
The lyrical pedal steel guitar on this song is played by Joe Savage.

Call My Name (Lyrics)

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, find a spouse with a lovely voice!

Starting to Shine (Lyrics)

Here’s a story of how a dark night of the soul can end with new bright opportunity when we stop trying to “push the boulder up the hill.”

Angels Sing (Lyrics)

       I begin every day walking and running by Minnehaha Creek, and find that sometimes   the worst weather brings out the best natural sounds. It could be angels. This song also   brings to mind that no matter how different a person may appear to be, there can be a soul mate for anyone.

Together We’ll Hold On (Lyrics)

       This song started off in a country vein, but really seemed to want to turn into a reggae-flavored song. With the help of Larry Wiegand on bass and Dan Fasching on drums, as well as Bonnie Hering on shaker, it evolved into a reggae-styled tune. As the song says, “If we forge on together there’s nothing we can’t do.”


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