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Larry Suess and I have been musical colleagues and friends since I recruited him into our band Canoise. Larry has always been a premier solo vocalist, whether singing Rock, Pop, Country, or Blues, and he has a knack for finding and singing any harmony part. His guitar and keyboard skills are amazing, and he can cover just about any style of song from any artist. Larry has been inducted into the Minnesota Rock Country Hall of Fame twice, as a member of Canoise and the Delcounts. As a songwriter and solo vocalist, Larry's musical gifts continue to grow and expand. His songs are deeply personal expressions of his life experiences, with strong melodies and solid rhythms. Give Larry's songs a listen. The music and the upbeat message will lift you and get your toes tapping. I know you'll enjoy his music as much as I do!

Bob Coates, MD
Canoise Co-Founder


Larry Suess is a singer, songwriter and musician par excellence. His music stirs timeless memories in listeners with varied musical tastes, from pop to blues to jazz. He wraps his poignant lyrics with unique and uplifting musical arrangements rich in dynamics and a strong, warm voice that draws the listener into his highly personal songs that have universal appeal. It was a privilege for me to produce several tracks from Larry's CD Still A Minstrel and work with a truly exceptional songmeister with a world vision.

Dik Hedlund
Owner, Loud Neighbors Recording


Larry Suess has been one of Minnesota's musical secrets for way too long. His strong vocals, lush harmonies, and dazzling guitar and keyboard work have been key to the success of several bands and recording sessions for other artists, including myself. Larry lent his talents to an earthy rockin' duet with me of The Left Bank's "Walk Away Renee" on my CD Retroblaster. But the secret's finally out with the release of Larry's first CD of all original songs, Still A Minstrel.

It's high time to see him step to the forefront as he has the vocal and instrumental chops to deliver his highly personal self-penned songs in his own unique styles, yes, I said styles, he's equally powerful writing and singing rock, pop, country, ballads, jazz or blues. He's a true Renaissance man of music!

In listening to Still A Minstrel, my own personal favorites are the sway of the harmony laden "Autumn Wind Song" and the powerful emotion and perfect song structure of the ballad "Stay As You Are". The other twelve tracks are equally strong, there's not a weak cut among them.

Discover the secret of Larry Suess today and get your copy of Still A Minstrel so you can enjoy the many layers of his musical expressions before his new songs come out - yes, there's plenty more great songs by Larry Suess we can look forward to!

Doug Spartz
Founder, Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame


Larry Suess - now there's a man with soul in his soul, and he sings and writes straight from his heart. And you'll feel his music deep down inside yourself, if you don't then you'd better check your pulse to make sure it's still ticking. I don't know how anyone could hear a Larry Suess song and not feel more alive. I've sung with him and he makes everyone else sound and look good, now it's his turn to shine, and he sure does. I hope I get a chance to sing with him again, on his original songs - what a way to connect!

Willie Walker
Recipient, Minnesota Best Blues Vocalist Award


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