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Starting to Shine 2008 Larry Suess

  1. I remember waking to a glaring spotlight sun

And found she’d stripped the windows bare and sacked our dreams

A bird outside my window kept on chirping merrily

Proclaiming nothing’s quite as bad as it might seem.


For every door that‘s closing there’s a window opening wide

Behind every mountain looming something blooms on the other side

For every dream that’s leaving there’s a new storyline

Beyond that blue horizon the sun is starting to shine.

  1. I thought a hex was on me, everything kept breaking down

Every romance, body part, and machine

But I never would have met you if I hadn’t gone in for repair

Now I find you there in all my imagining. (Chorus)


I pushed the boulder up the mountain only to see it crash on down

But when I jumped out of the way I found myself on stable ground. (Chorus)

  1. Love will get you through the lulls of the fickle winds of time

When the monuments all start to turn to sand

When the ground beneath our feet is swirling, whirling ‘round

I find my bearings just by holding your hand. (Chorus)

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