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Steady As the Rain 2009 Larry Suess

  1. He never was afraid to race the fastest, never seemed afraid to take a fall

Always was the first to face a challenge, never balked at risking it all

No one knew a better protector, no one knew a more loyal friend

He towered over all his companions; he was a man among men.

He stood steady as the rain, he never showed the pain

  1. He couldn’t bear to fall apart in public, never made the funeral of his best friend

Couldn’t stand the pain of the leaving, he went off to be all alone again.

He was a man with his pride; he never showed what was inside

  1. Finally found a woman who really loved him, would have walked a mile for her touch

But she wanted more than he could show her; she longed for what was inside just as much.

She cried and stormed in vain. He stood steady as the rain

BRIDGE: Alone again, heartbroken, you’d never know he lost his pride

Looking like a man’s man again, boys, even as he fell apart inside.

He walked out into the rain. He let his tears flow with the pain

  1. Might have been the climb up the mountain, might have been the long talk with his dad

Might have been the long night at the grave site

Letting out the pain that drove him mad

He came back a changed man on the inside; you could even see it in his walk

He found her on a quiet summer’s evening; all he wanted from her was to talk.

He showed her how he’d changed. She found the man inside the man

Showing through as steady as the rain.

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